Why coaching?

You desire a life that you enjoy in a body that’s healthy and moving. You know what you “need” to do but have continuously not done anything.

Day after day

Year after year

You just want to be better and feel successful

Coaching looks like

  • One on one work with Rebekka, giving you her undivided attention

  • Talking and peeling the onion back through discussion, moving and seeing how your body can educate you

  • Exercises - both of the mind and body - for you to implement on your own

  • Coaching through the lens of yoga and how the asana practice intertwines with the practice of life

  • So much more catered work to YOU!

Rebekka can meet with anyone in the Sarasota area to really dive into your goals. Not local to Sarasota? No problem! All of Rebekka’s coaching can be completed virtually as well. It’s all catered to your comfort level and schedule!

Reach out now to set up a complimentary first chat to feel into what it’d look like to work with Rebekka