Meditation Hacks E-Skill Book

Meditation Hacks E-Skill Book


Meditation. You hear it's *good for you* and *can change your life* but the bigger question is how?  Especially in our whirly swirly modern days, sitting with our legs crossed under a banyan tree for hours is not only uncomfortable, but also highly unlikely.  

Enter: this little Meditation Hacks Ebook with added skill work and exercises, With refreshing ways to start meditating ... NOW.  

Explore ways to meditate that are accessible and, yes, enjoyable. 

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Days filled with fury? Chaos?  Things out of your control but you still try to control?  Have you heard about the gazillion benefits of meditating but can't seem to get into it? 

This Ebook is for you! My years of studying yoga and meditation have gifted me so much knowledge that I felt it was time to start finding new ways to share.  

Enter: this little skillbook.  Meditation doesn't have to be boring, still, or even quiet.  Discover many avenues or paths that will ultimately lead you to the same truth.  

Whatever you're looking to add to your days by meditating, this book will surely get your brain moving in new directions with refreshing practices to implement TODAY.