St. Louis, Missouri

Although I am no longer in St. Louis, these places hold spaces in my heart and when I return for visits to my home state, I hope to see you around for a flow session!

Yoga Six

I made Yoga Six my first official St. Louis yoga home.  Without plans of teaching when I moved to St. Louis, I made it nearly seven months until the numerous signs I received led me to Yoga Six, a brand new studio with heart-touching history and ties to our city, as well as fresh energy and influences from the West Coast.  

It was a surreal start to the next phase of my teaching career but here we are!  I adore my fellow instructors at the Yoga Six in St. Louis, as well as the Californian Yoga Six crew, and future clans coming soon!

Oakland Ave
St. Louis, MO
(314) 802-7447







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