About Rebekka

So pleased to meet you! Here are a few things about me: 

I was born earlier than expected, in my house, August 1, so many years ago. I'm an only child to two wonderful parents.  Being born early with the second full moon of July 1985, a rare blue moon, I was given the name Rebekka BlueMoon Catherine Mars.  Hippie parents? Not totally, though they were into solar power, gardening, and living a holistic life in a small town in Mid- Missouri.  

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From this sweet, humble beginning, I had many opportunities to explore different activities.  My creative energies were flowing back then as I thrived in the arts and music.  Heading to college at Lindenwood University, I was certain I'd be a pre-school or kindergarten teacher. What fun, right?!  Seeing my school teacher mom go through all the trials and tribulations of being a teacher, I decided to change my major to English.  

Moving home post- graduation, I continued to work the gym desk job I had started a year prior as a summer job.  The fitness world has always been a comfortable zone for me. Feeling like I needed more recognition for having a college degree, I became assistant manager of the gym.  However that wasn't satisfying enough; so I went out and got my very own cubicle in corporate America!  

You can see how that lasted-- the Yoga kept speaking. After 17 months at my cubicle, I took the leap into self-employment. Personal training and yoga instruction seemed so much more fun than a desk job (and they are for me!).

Spending the next couple years exploring the Columbia, Missouri yoga scene, and finding a yoga home at the one and only Yoga Sol, I knew I needed more exposure -- to yoga and of me.  

I moved to St. Louis in September 2011. Feeling the desire to be a student again, I decided I would personal train for work and take yoga classes. This lasted 6 months as I left every class hearing this voice inside say, 'you should be teaching!'  Through a beautiful connection made at a Yoga workshop years prior, I found Yoga Six, and the rest is, as they say, history.  

From the Sol to the Lou to the Six… AND NOW to Sarasota, Florida! Here we are!

December, 2015 UPDATE!

Following the fashion of 'S' -- Sol, St. Louis, Six, I have landed in sunny Sarasota.  The move was somewhat sudden but happened at an interesting, 'right' time. Read a little here if you're feeling snoopy!  

To be plucked and placed into a total unknown has pushed me to a new edge of growth.

I wrote those first lines in September 2014. I cannot believe that I've lived in Florida for 15 months.

After spending the first month or so checking out the scene of my new home, I began working at a run specialty store, a fitness studio, and finally a local yoga studio.  

The messages are real: it's all about balance and follow your heart.

I love movement. I love getting others into movement.  I love sharing the wisdom and inspiration that I've been gifting with and bringing others to a heightened state of LIVING.

Being in the body, or embodied, is crucial for overall life success.

Your body speaks your mind and your body/mind is absolutely reflected in your life-- your relationships, career, home life, finances. .  .

I'm currently focusing on coaching people to get in their bodies and outta their heady stress.

To see how when your body works, your life works.


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