My Faves

Superfeet Insoles

Your feet are your foundation. Healthy feet = healthy mind. No? I think so. And have you taken out the factory insole of your shoe lately? Puny to say the least! Superfeet make my feet feel the way nature intended with their heel cup to help support my natural arch system. When I'm not barefoot, or in flippy floppies, I'm definitely in Superfeet-- tennis shoes, cycling shoes, and even flats (and heels if I wore 'em!) 

Sweating feels SO good, but I used to hardly pay attention to how it was affecting my body, other than wringing it out. Especially adding increased hot yoga classes to my days, I started to feel even more dehydrated on a daily basis. By adding nuun to my water I can literally feel my body soak up even more hydration along with the needed nutrition. And they're delicious! My favorite is strawberry lemonade. Chug 'em out!

I am totally loving these bracelets. I used to wear bracelets A LOT. Then I became  bare wrister for a while, and now I'm missing the subtle 'bling'. These add just the right splash to my wrist and can be paired to appear classier or a little more beach-like, either way expressing my favorite phrase, 'pura vida', or 'the good life, life is good, shaka on, this is living…' you get it. 



They don't fall out! It's true! I worked in outdoor retail for several years which is where I first found out about these gems. They originally had a unique sizing system where you learned that you either had super normal ears or really weird ears. Just kidding, but ears are fascinating, right? They switched to more of a standard sizing system as they've apparently grown, but yurbuds are legit.


Lululemon Athletica

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.49.52 PM.png

I've had the pleasure of being an ambassador for Lululemon in St. Louis' Maryland Plaza store in the Central West End. It's a company that I was drawn to for the appeal of their motivational energy and the encouraging of my two favorite things, yoga and running. As I got to know the company more, I deepened my interest by attending events and things like goal-setting workshops. They produce quality, devote positive vibes toward 'crushing goals',  AND I still wear my first pair of Wunder Under capris from six years ago, and they do NOT stink which is more than I can say for a lot of my workout and yoga gear! I'm excited to see what more fun I can have with Lululemon…