Cyber Power You

Cyber Power You


change your life. now.

Feeling uninspired? Disconnected? Like your head won't stop racing; like you hardly know your body; and overall, living is . . .meh?

Well, change your life NOW!

On a day full of superficial deals, truly treat yourself by shifting your body, mind, soul, and life.  

We start with a consult, utilize the 'Live Amplified Now' E-Workbook, and be held to your new word with a full month of VIP Coaching with Rebekka.


ONE FULL MONTH of coaching

Rarely will you see a *deal* this good, so snag yours now and get primed for 2017 already!  

Ready to TURN UP your living?  Amplify your already there greatness and feel more balanced, empowered, and full of life at the same time?  
You'll receive actual strategy to implement NOW to change your life.  

AND, just for you, we will set up a follow up plan with even more specifics where I will make sure you have implemented what you craft and set you up for an even higher success rate moving forward!