mothers day


a special for someone special

A rare affair - purchase a single virtual session with Rebekka, get one free.  

Whether it's for a mom {including you the mom} or someone else you'd like to splash some pampering towards, click here to begin the magic.

VIRTUAL SESSIONS are the best thing since the internet.

Using video {facetime, skype, zoom... many options} + email communication, a unique plan is crafted to include:

  • yoga {power, restorative, all levels...}
  • exercises {body weight or with gear}
  • meditation/mindset {mental clarity? energy? focusing?...}

The options are truly endless.

AND, support is always included:  a follow up plan with even more specifics implementing what's practiced and uncovered for an even higher success rate moving forward!

Email with questions or click below!
**Available for a limited time: now - Sunday, May 13, 2018!**