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Gosh I love music. I don't know what else to really say. Most genres I adore and find inspiration in beats, lyrics, musicians, concerts-- everything.  I grew up with a music-loving father, he even helped open a nightclub in CoMo back in the day. From my upbringing, music filled the house. I played a little piano, and 8 full years of flute in the school band. I dabble on my acoustic guitar and jokingly say I live my life song to song. There's always some rhythm or jingle in my heart and head.

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I crave the ocean. As soon as I see it, every other thought in my busy mind either dissipates or changes to one surrounding the sea. So many lessons can me be learned from being on the shore, floating on top of, or swimming within this magical, mass of our planet. Surf on, brah.


I'm a creature of movement. All of us are, but if I am sitting or 'low-activity' for too long, I begin to go literally insane. Well, maybe not fully but I have GOT to get my legs moving and heart beating. To hop on my bike is so liberating. The meditating cadence of the pedal strokes, fresh breeze and scenery, and not to forget the feeling of being ten again, cycling rocks my (cycling) socks.


Gotta ride


On that note of needing to move, let's talk about running. You're a runner, I'm a runner, we're all runners. I've been running in an 'organized' manner for 16 years and counting. It's the moving meditation that brings me the most peace, sweat, and overall high these days. I've completed numerous short races, 10 half marathons, and 1 full holy-cowabunga marathon October 2012. Trail or pavement, I love the simplicity of lacing up anywhere and finding my way.



I've been fortunate to experience many different yoga teachers in my lifetime. We're all yoga teachers in my opinion, but more specifically, the beautiful beings that I've met, taken class or workshops from, or followed online. These range from the inspiring yogis in Columbia, Missouri at Columbia Yoga Center, Alley Cat Yoga, and Yoga Sol, most specifically Sienna and Polly, to yogis I've yoga-ed with in Mexico, Colorado, California and everywhere in between.

When I was 23 beginning to really dive into this yoga teacher thing, I learned of the traveling 'master' teachers leading workshops. I'd drive into St. Louis or Kansas City every chance I'd get and soak up the good stuff from Sarah Powers, Simon Park, Gina Caputo, Noah Maze, Darren Rhodes, Mary Paffard, Tias Little, Saul Raye, Christina Sell; the musical inspiration of Steve Gold and Girish; and any others I'm forgetting, love to you too. 

A heartfelt shout out to my current teachers Katie Brauer, Danny Arguetty, Lorin Roche, and Coby Kozlowski. THANK YOU, reminding me of giving the last 5%, living from abundance, daydreaming with passion, 'getting on the boat' , and 'beginning again'. 


Here are some yoga books I enjoy:

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