I'm a blogga-wha?

SO. Several years ago I blogged, 2 or maybe 3 full posts. That was short-lived. Somewhere in cyber world, it still exists, " The A-Musing Thoughts of BekkaBlue" or something like that. I love to talk. I love to communicate and connect, I'm a natural born liaison; a modern day bridge-r of many, many things.

Seeing how I   1) totally recharge at home  while at the same time   2) yearn to see and connect the world, what better way than  3) running a blog.

So herewego!  Drumroll please.....

This is my blog!

And I WILL keep it rolling along! I'm not promising for daily posts, but give me time.


Currently I teach yoga, personal train, and every so often work at one of my favorite stores ever, a local gear shop.

In my 'free' time I'm outside. I find relaxation in things like running, biking, hiking, climbing, yoga-ing, and simply being outdoors. Otherwise I may be found inside spinning, working out, yoga-ing, and maybe trying to cook, or sometimes shopping, or most recently catching up on some great documentaries I had no idea even existed (surely I'll share some in the near future).

I love my family and friends. I can be a crazy extrovert just as much as a homebody introvert.

My small town roots will always be there; going home is a beautiful way I reconnect. However, life has brought me to the city of St. Lou-ay so here I stay... for now...

Hope you enjoy my ramblings and shares :)

Always feel free to comment and communicate with me

Love to y'all