Ready or Not


If we're Facebook friends, you've already seen this lil' creation. If you've been to my classes lately you've probably heard me ask numerous times, in numerous ways-- WHAT ARE YOU READY FOR?

It hit me several weeks ago at some point that I was ready. I wasn't even certain what I felt this readiness for, but I just knew that I was ready. Bring it on, life!

ImageI like definition 1... the mental and physical preparedness. Bam. How powerful does that sound? Not to mention, yogic?! Having your mind AND body prepped and primed. Yes, please.

Take a moment and dig deep. If you could do ANYTHING ANYWHERE at this moment, WHAT WOULD IT BE?  No limitations. No restraints. Is it a job you're desiring? Is it a trip you've been dying to take? Is it an emotion that you'd love to feel MORE?

Got something?

ARE YOU READY?!  [ I hear you saying, "yes! yes!" ]  Awesome! So now repeat after me, "I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm ready to _________. Or I'm ready for _________. Let's do this!"

It seems like too often I read the quotes and the articles of only what do you want? Or manifest this or that. Which is definitely all good, but I think you can amp it up a notch by being openly READY for the extreme awesomeness you're requesting.

If only I knew those 6 years of middle and high school cheerleading would carry on to today! But for real, let me be your cheerleader. I'm rooting for you!

One more time I ask, " What ARE YOU READY for?!"


Have an abundant day. Peace!