YOU are Crazy Amazing

As I'm catching up on another post (release time: TBA, sometime TODAY! :)  yes, get excited...)  I wanted to share what the Universe just sent me.  A glorious song with an even more glorious message. I had an uber emotional day yesterday. When I sat and digested what was going on, I realized it was the end result of a tumultuous week.

Long story short, I cried. A lot.

There's a lot of external energies swirling right now: With the cusp of the 'end' of 2012, the planets moving in and out of crazed orbit, the onset of winter (more darkness, less happy sunshine), there are many things that are truly out of our control and we must find our own ways of coping, remaining grounded yet open, and remembering we're blessed to live this life, freedom to be ________ (whatever. you. want.).

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 10.32.56 AM

Not only did I have momma nature's energies nailing me, but I also was getting all sorts of incoming 'advice' from people that was not settling to me at all. In more recent days I've realized that I've become a wearer of the heart on the sleeve... something that I know I never did to this current degree.  

Heart on sleeve = options to be emotionally drained.

I LOVE MUSIC. I LOVE Spotify. When a song you want to hear pops into your head, bam, go to Spotify, plug it in, and it's there. Seconds later your music craving is satisfied.  Song in head: 'Waiting on an Angel,' by Ben Harper.

Mmmmmmm. So good. Then I notice, ' Crazy Amazing.'

It made me smile, filled me up a little more, polished and reconnected the heart that will still be exposed on my sleeve :)

It's funny what will be sent to you right when you need it if you ask and remain ready...

Thank you, Universe!

Please remember that YOU ARE CRAZY AMAZING!!! We're ALL crazy amazing!