'Anything Could Happen'



So another cray week. Go figure. It's 2012! A year of rolling, pulling, and pushing energies that are showing themselves in all manners-- physical Earthly affairs, internal human affairs being outwardly expressed... We'll keep it at that. It's hard to turn on the news, so I don't. I've been choosing the path of, some may say naiveness, I say happiness! We all know how skewed the 'news' can be. Reality is always going to happen, I'm not denying that, but why fixate on the downers?

However, we're only human: Falling into those darn downward spirals of emotions and thoughts happens. The best thing I have learned to do is BE A SURFER. Of life. Of emotions. Of others' emotions that hammer through your susceptible skin. Ride it out, know that IT too shall pass.

You'll be tested. By the Universe! By God! Gods! Whatever your beliefs are, challenges are sent. Teachers show up in the form of people and situations. My constant comforting reminder is of the Yogic advice, 'You're right where you should be' .. lingering in the present. Enjoy it!

Of course, music spoke to me this week. I'm not one to dig deep for the meanings of songs-- I appreciate a good beat and bass, the musicality of a composure, not always the story it's telling lyrically.  (Example: the latest Ed Sheeran, 'A Team' song about a girl and her addictions... I was fixin' to use the sweet guitar melody in a Yoga class! Eeek! Lyrics= NOT necessarily yogic! Good save ... )

Anyway, I do pick up on most surface level lyrics...  I like to take what I need :)

'Anything Could Happen' by Ellie Goulding came out a while ago. I heard it. Listened. Thought it was cool. And didn't listen to it again.

And here we are... I actually don't know what drove me to listen to this song early yesterday. I heard the words again, but on a slightly deeper than the surface level... and over and over... 'Anything could happen!' Ellie sings.

YES! Yes it can. Anything can happen, at any time, to any one of us, involving who and whatever... you catch my drift. Time to hop on the surfboard.

Thanks again, Life. The subtle, comforting connections like these are the energetic hugs I need :)

Here's one for you! {{{{ BIIIIIG HUG!! }}}} virtual AND energetic

Sending LOVE!