It's a Small Worrrld Afterallllll: January Recap

Here's a long awaited moment for this girl, to have a chunk of free time to create a blog. Whew what a great few weeks it's been, but when you're trying to run a successful blog ... goodness! I must say that what I've been wanting to express and share is how radically awesome life is as well the people you and I meet.  The studio I'm currently teaching at in the Lou is Yoga Six. The name comes from not only the six yogic pillars of Yoga Six, but my emphasis in this case, the idea that we're all connected within those mere six degrees or links. It IS a small world after all!


About a month ago I spent a mini week in Colorado with Rachael, one of my best friends from college. A great time of course as I grounded myself with some mountain time. A very interesting feature of the trip was the one night out in Denver... We headed downtown to get a taste of Denver nightlife at its finest.  The air was turning cold quick so we hurried into the place Rachael had been before, Lodo's.  They were playing some reggae as we approached so we knew it'd be a fine time as long as the music was jammin.  Once inside it was great-- very spacious, a game room, a DJ with a lil dance floor, and an eclectic gathering of people. We grabbed some drinks and found some fun with a 40 something year old Asian man who was having THE time of his life, especially each time 'Gagnam Style' came on (EACH as in no less than five).

The point here: I look over and see this lovely lady who used to come to my yoga classes in Columbia! Not only that, we actually go back further to when I started my gym career as desk girl at Gold's Gym the summer of my sophomore year of college. Here, at the one random bar we go to in Denver, is Emily. [cue song: 'It's a Small World Afterall...']

The plane ride home also served its purpose as a bad situation turned amazing for this lady as she moved to THE one spare seat on the plane in between myself and a life coach out of Edwardsville, Illinois. We all shared stories, bonded, and had to laugh at the fact that this dear lady who honestly needed a little extra yoga and life coach advice, got it on that flight back from Denver. Feel the love! Your teachers are everywhere...


To be grounded in yourSELF. What a feeling. And then to have the people appear who can literally evoke that rooted feeling, as well as the other people whose presence reminds you of your roots. WHAT a feeling.

I received this all throughout the month of January, with the visit to Rachael, with the Denver run-in of Emily, as well as with a brief trip home. Hanging with the people who were a huge part of a transformational segment of my life within the past four years brings back emotions every time. We boozed, we laughed, and the energy I needed was supplied. Gracias vida!


And then to have one of those gorgeous gals come visit me in St. Louis?! Get outta town (ha, well she did). I had my first REAL visitor since moving to the city. People have stopped in when they had some other business going on, which is always fine with me too, but to have someone (other than my darling folks) come see ME? Incredible. We yoga-ed, ate, drank, shopped, and recharged.

Earlier that week another random visit; a friend from the hometown was back in the city for work. We yoga-ed, ate, and girl talked. Ashland comes to me. Roots nourished. And later that week, a fellow Columbia instructor came up for some workshops in the city. We chilled and chatted. Another welcome occasion to remind me of the beautiful people I've met  along this journey and the place in time that it was.

Surprise surprise, I receive a random message the evening after Clarissa left that another face from my Columbia yoga classes was coming to my class the next morning. Mid Mo coming to me AGAIN. Pure love. I felt warm and fuzzy and loved having you in class ;)

The story rolls on: phone calls out of the clear blue from Mid Missouri folks. A week after the first round of friends, a dear sweet fellow also fairly suddenly visited, capping off the tram of traveling, homey vibes I apparently needed.

All the while, new friendships were kindled and nourished; those in the St. Louis yoga community meeting for not one but two weekends of amazing, traveling instructors.  The timing seemed very appropriate for myself and my extended, watered roots.


The Incline in Manitou Springs. Symbolic climb or just a workout...

So, this post began as a way to point out the awesomeness that always surrounds; it turned into a tribute to those folks who were my teachers through the past several weeks; and concludes as a reminder that we're all in this together. We ARE connected. Not only from a species standpoint, but on an emotional, energetic level. When you feel like things are or aren't going your way, relax and realize we're all going through the same rises and falls, just not necessarily at the same times. Nourish your roots and every lil' thang gonna be alright.

I'm here for you. You're there for me.

Anne Lamott states that when we pray/speak out/manifest/whatever your interpretation of the word, we're either asking for 'Help!' Saying 'Thank you!' or simply stating in awe, 'WOW'.

Wow. And Thank You!

Love, love, love

And because I can't not not share a song with a post these days, here's a new favorite. AND they'll be in Columbia at the Blue Note this coming Saturday, cha-ching.