Find Your Beat

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The incredible tremble that runs through you via sound waves:  One of THE best reminders I've found of how permeable and impermanent we are is feeling the bass and beats with live music. This weekend I got double whammied with not one, but two shows, and not two, but SEVEN different acts total. [Can I get an Amen!?]

Woo! If you know me at all, you know I love music. And if you don't know me at all, then now you know. I LOVE music. And recently I'm realizing another splendid job perk to my 'career'-- the ability to use music to inspire, which also means I get to listen to tunes A LOT of the time [Amen!]

Saturday, I hit up the Blue Note in downtown Columbia, Missouri, my old stomping grounds (like 25 years worth). Super great venue, no bad seats; intimate; and acts of all sorts have been coming through for decades.  Via Spotify months ago, I noticed one of my Cali yoga teacher friends listening to 'Random Rab'... the rest is history. If you've been to my yoga classes in the last several months, you've heard him. Mr. Rab was opening up for Emancipator, a 26 year old mixer who has a live violinist at his shows. [Hallelujah!]

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Boooommm, brrrrmmm, bbbambbbbmmm... you know, the noise of bass... Even if you have your ears plugged (which I've been known to do, not this time), the sound waves are unavoidable. 

You feel their patterns of waves, jolts, peaks, falls, and pure BEATS.


And you know what? Symbolic of course, these beats and waves and notes that penetrate our liquid selves (remember we're made of over 80% H20) at concerts, by a speaker, while playing an instrument, are also within. We emit waves and patterns, some spoken, some visual, some physical, some energetic.

That's why my new project for you and all I can infuse is to FIND YO' BEAT! Connect with YOUR inner bass; the patterns that you radiate; the constant vibration that's there inside.

Place one hand on your heart... Feel that thing beating away? Ok, so there's an obvious one.

Place a hand on your ribs... Feel the motions within the ribs in your luscious lungs? Ok, another obvious, personal, rhythm.

Stand up, hop. Dance. Shake around a lil' bit!.... And then pause... Feel THAT?

Now we're gettin' somewhere. Sit with that feeling of movement within. Of realizing how impressionable you are.

FIND not only the physical feeling of being ALIVE, but also explore what makes you beat?  What ideas, emotions, and anything else do you have to SHARE WITH THIS WORLD?

Write em on a sticky note, check it everyday. Your inner beats will amp up as you tune in, so prepare for what's to come... earplugs optional ;)