Food, Dude!


Alright. I'm working on slowing down my quick grab at Groupons, but you're likely to agree that they are ADDICTING! Oh the rush! A restaurant I've never tried! A fitness class I'd seen but never attempted! And for a MERE FRACTION of the original cost.

And then the remorse as the expiration date passes [I've missed out on sushi, colon hydrotherapy, and a bootcamp] and ALMOST Hot Pot Smooothie Stop. But not quite, I made it... in the nick of time!

Today's blog will be a review of not just this establishment, but what my near-sick body has craved the last little while.

I must say, nearly 2 lbs of yummy thai sauced noodles, veggies of all sorts, and their 'Cantonese style pork' surpassed my expectations. Delish. And just what my cloggy head and scratchy throat needed. Followed by slurps of their 'green and sticky' smoothie base, with added raspberries and peaches. Nom nom nom.

Now, I had a fabulous Groupon deal. But I will definitely go back and pay 'em cold, hard ca$h for their goods. This place is about healthy nourishment. Local, grassroots promotion. And, by the looks of their to-go containers, they get the fact that this is the only planet Earth we got for now! ****** I love a place with legit, recyclable or biodegradable to-go containers and cups ******** Seriously, if you're in the restaurant biz or know someone who is, PLEASE ENCOURAGE them to be trendy and smart enough to ditch the styrofoam poison they're packin' their goods in [ stepping off soap box... ].


PAW PAW! Papaya. Tree melon. Orangey deliciousness is more like it.  Everytime I eat one of these things I take a mini vacation to the resort in Mexico we've visited numerous spring trips where the lush fruit was a staple. Ah. Yum. So what's the big deal about papaya?  Let me tell ya.

Vitamins A, C, & E; cancer fighting- specifically prostate and breast; anti-inflammatory (which helps everything from arthritis to asthma, acne to hormone imbalance); aids digestion; reduce risks of cardiovascular disease; quicker muscular regeneration; and so many more. Plus who doesn't love an instant reminder of a far off locale by eating a piece of tropical fruit?

ImageSo there you have it. The first of many 'Food, Dude' posts. I may not be the best chef, but I can whip up some pretty creative concoctions and I will begin to share those and all other things foodie with YOU! Wahoo!

Have a pleasant week, be ready for a 'Slump Outta Your Hump Day' video post tomorrow, and I'll check ya later.

Some tunes for the road...  I'm hooked on this right now.

You're welcome.