fRIDE-ay! 'Sweet Summertime' SLIDE into your weekend! Here's fRIDE-ay's post beginning with the lyrics to the jam above if you wanna sing along... Or skip below and read my ramblings to help you take a mental vacay... Hey!

Got a message on the phone today / All they had to say / My summertime it had gone away / Make room for the winter / It will be okay /But when the sun goes down / It turns my smile to a frown / I can't stop spinnin all around / I wanna fall to the ground / But we all must walk this road sometimes / Yes we all must walk this road sometimes / We cry /As we waitin' for the sweet summertime / Yes it's so sublime / Grab the tequila don't forget the lime / Put your name on my bottle / So I know you're mine /When the snow's gone, melted away / All I have to say is / When you feel it you just got to play / Hear the reggae music and you feel okay /And when you're in the sweet sunshine / When you see that sign / Feel the rays of the sun on your face / And you know that you'll be just fine /I found a message in the bottle / I don't know if it's mine / And now I'm searching for the meaning / Looking in between the lines / While I'm reading every letter / And I'm staring at the sign / Searching for a piece of that sweet summertime /I wanna be it / Wanna believe it / I wanna open up my eyes I wanna see it / I wanna feel it in my soul, heart, body, and mind / I wanna get up for that sweet summertime /

So yeah I definitely whipped out the paints yesterday. It was glorious! I was feeling so good, listening to good tunes (including discovering the appropriate jingle that you can listen to above), slurping on a smoothie, feeling grateful that my voice was coming back and my sore throat wasn't so sore anymore. Glancing out the window, remembering that St. Louis was and still is a snow globe, I continued to paint and hum and slurp. photo-1I tend to procrastinate, so I was also feeling very successful that I finally painted the plain wooden frames I had been meaning to paint for (errr...cough cough...) 3 years. Better late than never, right?!  I also was doodling on my next tattoo idea. ;) An eight beamed/petaled, oceanic sun to complete my, not on purpose, left sided lunar blue moon. We will see... !

And then I had to go train a few clients at the gym. I hopped into my cold car, got rolling down the road and a headache crept in... and continued to creep in. After an hour I felt the worst ear/head ache I think I've ever had. It was brutal and unrelenting. I wanted to cry! Partly because I was doing so well ALL day! Health, paints-- everything!

Anywho, moral of the story, take care of yourself. Take care of all parts of your Self!

And as I write this the SUN IS SHINING! Wahoo! Hang in there, folks!

If you need a little pep in your step, a little hydration for the duration of your day, Coco Hydro is so yummy. I first picked it up at REI and today I was pleased to see it at Whole Foods. For $1.69 you get 2 servings of delicious, natural, electrolyte and potassium loaded, powdered coconut 'water'. If you're a coconut water drinker, you darn well know this is basically half the cost of a box or can of coconut water.  I LOVE the pineapple flavor, I have yet to try their 'original', 'lemon lime', or 'pomegranate raspberry'.

I'm a smoothie, froyo, ice cream, sorbet, slushie... gal. If it's cold and creamy, I'm all over it (and I fuss about being cold all the time, I know). So what better fRIDE-ay idea than to tinker with the pineapple coconut powder in the kitchen!


Coconut-Banana-Super-Hydro Pina Colada   (totallyyy made that up, nice, right?!)  ;)

1/2 packet of Coco Hydro pineapple

1 cup of unsweetened vanilla coconut milk ( I used a little water at first but it's better I think with coconut milk)

a dash (probably half teaspoon) of vanilla extract

1 cup frozen pineapple

1/2 frozen banana (optional! At first I had all pineapple and then thought the banana would be a nice addition, take your pick!)

Blend it all up!

My guess is that this would also taste stellar with some booze in it, I'll let you decide. And if you're not AS into frozen stuff as me, then obviously you could use fresh pineapple and banana.

You're getting a ton of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin c, and lots lots lots of potassium, which is critical for proper hydration. And it's dairy free. ANNND it's right at about 200 calories.

Slurp up! Jam out! And get crazy creative this weekend! The sun is on its way! Yay!

From my expressive, artistic Self today to yours, Namaste ... Hey!