Cruisin' with a 'tude

... a 'tude of GRATITUDE that is!

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SO! It's been a week since my last post and I'm okay with that :)  It's been a wild, wickedly fun week, probably beginning with the fact that I could breathe and talk again with regular Bekka voice (cleared sinuses! Wahoo!)

I headed home to Columbia for about 15 hours Tuesday. Cruised down I-70 and met up with some of the coolest people I know for a fun, jammin' time at the Blue Note.  Obviously, Trops was the meeting place and we made sure to barge up front and center for the show.

Grateful for my friends! For safe travel! Trops! A vehicle!  What are you grateful for?

My rockstar posse

The Dirty Heads

I've said it a trillion times and I'll say it a trillion more, music heals! Restores! Enlivens! The beats booming through my body were like medicine; along with the love oozing from these amazing friendships-- it was a fab night.

Cruised back to the big citay on Wednesday, pleasantly surprised to have an awesome, big group for the ever growing Wednesday Deep Stretch class I lead. About half were athletes-- a demographic I'm all over when it comes to baiting newbies to this crazy lil thang called 'yoga'...

Grateful for my hobbies and passions! For the spread of yoga to new faces and bodies! What hobbies and  passions of your own do you thrive on??

Before I knew it I was back on the train Thursday, rollin down the rails to Jefferson City. I was thrilled to see my folks, my oldest (now pregnant!) best friend, and see some shining faces at my hometown studio haven, Yoga Sol.  Cruisin' through CoMo, I ran the Forum hill and down an old route. It's funny how you can feel almost like you're in a time warp as your memory snaps through so many recalled images, runs, memories, feelings and more as you place yourself in that place from the past. Always a cool feeling.

GRATITUDE seeeeeping from all parts of me.

Friendly faces showed up for my SUP (stand up paddle board) Yoga talk at the Alpine Shop and I made some new friends; grateful for cool people with cool attitudes, and especially the ones that hug you right away. Spread that love.

Cruised on back to tha Lou. Grateful for safe transportation!

And what theme did I organically share with my Sunday classes, unplanned? Gratitude. And randomly what did my roommate state after we caught up on each other's weekends? "I'm SO grateful for it ALL."  Amen.

Gratitude flows and fills. Gratitude flourishes and helps to fabricate our dreams and desires!

Cruise with an [atti-] 'tude of gratitude. Realize how many little (and big) things in your day are incredible and deserving of a thank you!  The outstanding people you see, perhaps interact with, LOOK at them. And THANK them. :)

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And in the midst of it all, music found me... On a SUP youtube video, and as soon as I go to buy it on Emusic , there's an interview with this kid. Just sayin'..

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