Yummm... Greeeeen...


Green smoothies. They're everywhere! I was hooked on a few that Dr. Oz featured months back, moreso the breakfast and lunch options. My roommate watched the process/listened to the blender as I was pretty good with these things for a several weeks.

"You need to show me how to make a green smoothie!"

"There are sooo many, it depends on what you want to put in it!"

She took matters into her own hands. The next thing I knew, a new hit smoothie made its way to our humble home. It's a great base-- you could probably add in many many things. I added flaxseeds. She added blueberries. Any nut butter would work, though after a year long break up with peanut butter, I'm having a PB fling again [sigh].

It's easy, cheap, and tasty! And hey, with literally the greeenest holiday right around the corner, how appropriate is any emerald colored drink? :)

You'll need a blender and:

1 heaping cup of kale and/or spinach, fresh and/or frozen

1 banana, fresh or frozen

1 cup of almond or coconut milk (we like unsweetened vanilla of either)

1 tsp of PB or another nut butter

squirt of lemon juice to ignite the vitamin C of the greens 


1/2 - 1 cup of ice cubes

1-2 tablespoons ground flaxseed

1/4 -1/2 cup frozen fruit, blueberries are the only attempt so far

optional stevia packet (dang sweet tooth...)

** and note it's gluten free! Paleo! Low calorie (watch the nut butter!) Low carb!-- All those good things

DRINK UP! And believe it or not, you will probably start to develop cravings for [possible gasp]... green smoothies!?

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