What/Who/Where is Worth Anyway? Part 1

What/Who/Where is Worth Anyway? Part 1 For weeks, months, heck maybe I've reached the year mark, I've been debating with myself, 'when to blog again?'. The even bigger question arose as I would ponder topics and continuously hear the 'itty bitty shitty committee' [i cannot take credit for that term, but fully support it] say, 'Booooo… not blog worthy'. So, finally today an even louder voice took over and said, 'Who decides if it's worthy? What makes it worthy? What does 'worth' even mean?'

Well, according to dictionary.com, worth = good or important enough to justify, or having a value of. What I'm deeming of worth today, worth enough to post my first blog in basically a year (WHERE has the time gone??), is in regards to life. The universe. And all the happenings here and in between.

Being a Yoga instructor, I mainly see roomfuls of faces and bodies ready for a physical ride. Envision a tree with eight branches. This is the Yoga tree. And of Yoga's eight limbs, only ONE is about the physical stuff-- poses of stretch and strength. Lately, as much as I LOVE the physical fun, I feel more inspired by tapping into the other seven.

What's swirling around us daily that we either neglect to see, are completely unaware of, or are too preoccupied to notice?

Sometimes there's a message to get. Sometimes it's easier to stay in cruise mode, put on tunnel vision goggles, and pretend that I don't know there are deeper rhythms to constantly tune into. And sometimes those rhythms become way too out there and instead of instinctual feelings and subtle hums, they turn to voices, auditory statements-- walking and talking cues to LISTEN UP.

Lately I've experienced my universal messages in many forms, including several walking, talking beings more than eager to tell me what's up and to also remind me to tune in to my intellect and inner wisdom. To turn off the tunnel vision and cruise mode and instead shine the bright po-lice flashlight on ME and what's happening to me and through me.

This has led me to question: WTF, Universe??

What's cool, is that ultimately it is a choice to cruise mode through the days or not. 'WTF, Universe?' is definitely necessary to ask from time to time and then notice the answer:  trust life. The answers are there, always, still in the form of life, of random messages, of letting go and trusting life, and opening up the feelers again. Of living from instinct and heart, and still being wise enough in the mind center to know how to analyze my actions, others', and to know when action needs to happen. Really happen.

Realizing that today marks a full moon in Scorpio (look it up if you're into that stuff) and that it's a time to look deeper, I now know the simple skimming of the surface of every facet of my life must now turn into deeper action.

Stay tuned for Part 2 . For now, decide if it's ample time to cruise or not to cruise. To wear the goggles or not. I know for me, blinders off and easy cruise now turning into strong, focused, push pedal strokes. Namaste...