Be the Sand Crab!

Life on and in the warm sand… ocean waves lapping to shore as THE daily soundtrack… living on local, fresh sea life… yes, yes, and another yes. My future? Yes, however currently the life of a sand crab. Seeking inspiration lately for a yoga class, I went perusing through my vacation photos of the Dominican Republic from March. Me and crabs (at the beach) have an interesting history. I remember my first beach trips with my parents back in junior high leading to me running and screaming away from the little crab holes in the open sand. Through the years, our relationship leveled out. With a new understanding and confidence (I am after all a GIANT to them), I learned to get close, stare 'em down, and giggle and their movement.


Have you watched the things? TOO funny. In a world of land creatures, including humans, that move mostly forward and backward, these little dudes move sideways. Front-ish, backward-ish, but mostly sideways.

They act fierce until they can take your staredown or picture taking no longer and run away laterally! Insane.

Lately for me, I've felt a shift. Without going into detail, I can pinpoint THE exact day when I felt a 180 degree tilt; choosing a new path at what felt like a fork in the road.  And this tilt is all mental and emotional. That's truly all it takes to make a tremendous, VISIBLE change in your life. Thoughts to words to actions.

I've heard opinions for years, ever since I began to realize my dharma of sharing yoga with the world, on how to do it.  Very interesting when what I 'preach' is to create your reality, anything's possible, manifest, dream… and others are telling me how [they think] I should be doing this.  Admittingly a softie, I accept others' words and ideas, still not internalizing them because I know in my gut and heart what, when, and where I should be doing. And what I should be doing may seem completely sideways to people; not standard, and seemingly crazy (more like daring).

Imma be the sand crab. I've taken the intensity of the so-called giants staring me down, but I'm gonna move my own way down to the next patch of beach and you better believe my dreams are coming to fruition.

My advice from others lately and now to you: reclaim your power. Choose your path. Stay on it. Listen to your gut's and your heart's intuition. Your way is THE way. And sometimes you gotta scurry sideways and be the crab.