Two years ago I ...

so it's not thaat exciting, but a little over two years ago, I blogged for the first time. Or should I say, 're-blogged'. After a failed attempt a couple years prior, I decided to pick it up again. And guess what. I slacked again! But this time, I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, call it a failed attempt. I think my blog entries and the frequency in which I posted 100% fit my life since then. And here I type, a few hours past my bedtime, determined to spit some of this out RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week (because the days fly by TOO FAST), but now.

I'm at a crux and have been at cruxes this whole year of so many points in my life: professional & personal.

Ranging in things that seemed like hurricanes of emotions surrounding choices in work to the amount of energy I was putting into friendships that could be deemed toxic in some occasions, all weathered me ragged.

"Yet they still allowed me to come through washed, renewed, and ready for more."Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.51.16 AM

When those storms of change blew through and I thought it was smooth sailing for a bit, more tumultuous emotions came my way. And again, as gnarly as they were to get through, sunshine and rainbows were literally the result.

And seriously, who gets this many rainbows in a single week's time? It was completely surreal. IMG_5069

IMG_5254 Especially as I was traveling over 1,000 miles with my Mom to my new 'home' of uncertainty, change, and new beginnings.

Upon arriving, they continued to show up, even with my sweetie in the lower photo during our first weekend there heading to a friend's.

I saw these splashes of nature's sweet color as signs that I was following my path, staying on course even though it felt at times I may have steered wrong.

"If it were easy, everyone would be doing it,"

said an old friend when I was taking the leap about six years ago into my new life focused on yoga and wellness. And he's right.

And more DOUBLE rainbows.



You have to weather the storms to get to the rainbows.

It is perhaps the most uncomfortable, unpleasant feeling when you're 'in it' [meaning in the shit of it] but the relief and beauty that's rewarded for perseverance is incomparable. And not to sound even more hokey, but it's the huge piece of listening to your heart and gut, deep down in the core of what makes you you. 

Living life from this place is the only way to authentically make it out alive.

Wrapping up this very random blog post, I want to simply bring awareness to the current cloud situation in your life: cloudy days? Stormy days? Or are you on the other side with rainbows and sunshine?

Wherever you are, embrace it. Own it 200%. Trust life. Trust that what will be will be and all you can do is slow down enough to feel your way through. Heart wisdom. Gut instinct wisdom. And a dash of 'regular', mental intelligence.

Live on!

Love, Me