Tasty Tuesday: Plantain Power!

In my constant search for the best formula for blogging consistency, and other consistencies for that matter, I will begin to share a tasty recipe every Tuesday.




As you may have guessed I eat pretty 'healthy' most of the time. As you also may have guessed, I also have my splurges because heck, I'm human.

If I've learned anything in my years, specifically those working as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, food is extremely personal. About as personal as your social security number and definitely as specific and personal as your very own genetics!

About as many people as there are in the world, there are ways to eat.

I'm not here to tell you how or what to eat.

I'm simply here to tell you what I'm eating and maybe it will give you some new ideas, new favorites, new methods… If you have ideas you think I may enjoy, please please share right back at me!

In future posts I will continue to disclose a little of my background with food and get into more experiments done and observed through my years.

Today, I just wanna tell you bout nanner's fun cousin,

the plantain!

photo 1

I think I first tried plantains on a vacation to Mexico. They were served at dinner and I definitely didn't think I'd like them right away.

Then they served them at breakfast.

And lunch.

And I thought, "what the heck is so great about these things?"

Well, let me tell you. Plantain-a-plenty o' stuff! ha . ha..


  • Can grow easily in high-humid, tropical climates so a great staple source of carbs/energy for Asia, Africa, Oceania, and South and Central America.
  • A hearty starch; closely related to bananas. Used a lot like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams in the kitchen.
  • More vitamin C , vitamin A/beta-carotene, AND more potassium than bananas.
  • Rich sources of B-complex vitamins, especially B6, and calcium.
  • Contain a high amount of dietary fiber.
  • Also known to be a diuretic.
  • And, they're DELICIOUS and VERSATILE!

So if I haven't caught your attention yet, then check out how easy they are to prepare:

  • Pan- roasted:  Heat a skillet and add your favorite oil (coconut is my go-to) or use butter (sometimes I use ghee, less-refined butter). Cut the plantains into evenly sized slices whether they're round or lengthy slivers. Brown them on one side to your desired crispiness (I like them with a little crunch) and flip to finish the other side… eat 'em up!
  • Oven- roasted:  **oil-free  Depending on your oven, preheat to 375-400 degrees. Slice the plantains into even slices. Arrange on a parchment lined baking sheet. Roast 15-25 minutes (until desired crunch on bottom side) then flip and finish 15-20 minutes on the second side.  I keep these a little drier by not using any oil though you could definitely coat them with an oil for a little moisture. Depending on how I plan on eating them, you could season with cinnamon or possibly chili powder.. or get creative!
  • Grilled:  using your outside grill or inside Foreman grill, plantains are a lot of fun to grill. Make sure they don't stick, and monitor their crispiness! YUM YUM.

Now for each of the above methods, I stick to letting the plantains ripen until they are very brown. You can use greener plantains but expect a much more bitter taste, and a firmer texture. The greener plantains are great to cut super thin and make chips with.

photo 2

These guys grew together! Aww. Seamless plantain packaging. Nature's rad! In regards to what to pair them with, the options are endless! Lately I've loved making little      hor d'oeurvres with dry roasted slices and goat cheese sprinkled on top.photo 3

I also love making them in any manner and eating them with a sunny side up egg. Extra delicious with the gooey yolk and a great alternative to using toast if you're trying to cut back on bread/grains.

Of course they are delicious with black beans, rice, salsa, other sautéed or roasted veggies as a mash or scramble type dish.

And oh my goodness how could I forget… plantains are CHEAAAAAP. I purchased 3 for $1.49 at my local Publix. 'Everywhere' seems to carry them from Wal-Mart to Whole Foods.

Until next time… enjoy!

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In the comments below, feel free to share your favorite way of preparing or eating your plantains!