BOOM. and just like that...

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 7.44.24 PM it's 2015.

Not just 2015, but over a quarter of the way through January.

But who's counting.

I'm not counting, but noticing and feeling how crazy fast time is going by in my 'later' years.

Before my very eyes it's been around four months since I moved to Florida. Around three months since I've started my job at Fleet Feet. Almost two months since my parents visited. Almost one month since our weekend vacay to Key West. And now one week from the start of the New Year!

But again, who's counting.

I'm realizing how much I focus on what's happening. Sounds great, being present and all , I know. However, what I'm also realizing how this perception is one that is distracting me from actually being present.  These thoughts also remind me of that phrase, "Life's what's happening when you're busy making plans." In this case, planning and also over thinking.  And thinking of me over thinking. Ah! Save me!

It cuts into happiness. It can create negative self-talk leading to negative emotion leading to a skewed perception of what's at hand.  Before you get worried about me, know that I am absolutely fine and happy, just a bit JK-ing at times.

What I'm not JK-ing about though, is the fact that I need to relax around the planning.  Relax around the thinking.  And find ways to be more engaged with the true presence of everything that is, well, present for me.

One MAJOR and OBVIOUS situation that I could fixate less on is one that seemed so amazingly perfect a couple months ago.  Funny how things change.  Yet, as things changed over the last couple of months, and not necessarily for the better, I continued [and still continue] to have this inkling of faith that "Things will change! It will all be worth it! It WILL work out." I aim to remain positive by default.

This week I also realized that there are still some bullies in this world! I tend to avoid those types of people but somehow a few, two to be exact, creeped in through the cracks.

They and the situation stressed me to the point of tears this week.  As I shared this with one friend in particular, I loved his reply:

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 8.54.45 AM

These words provided such a strong visual for me, like some sort of a factory machine that literally took in positive energy and spat out negative energy. As I thought more about this philosophical tidbit, I could see warning lights flashing and I felt in every cell of my body, a bold reaction of … " EW".

It felt wrong to even be considering ANYTHING that would CREATE negativity. And not just negativity but specifically in my heart, mind, and life.

Hmmmmm… YOGA! Where ya at?!

Funny enough, a day after I began penning this blog, I went to the yoga studio that seemed the most appropriate for me to approach as the first in Florida where I'd like to teach.

As I'm wrapping up my audition class, I see a painted wooden decor block kinda like the one below, sitting on the shelf in this studio.  I know I SOL [Smiled Out Loud… think it'll catch on??] because it was TOO perfect that of all of the motivational quotes they could've had at their studio, it just happened to be the one that was on my mind. The timing of this meeting of the yogis seemed SO right, as I needed to FEEL the total opposite of putting in positive energy and creating even MORE positive vibes for myself and in the grand scheme of it all, for you and for the rest of the world.  Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 5.32.34 AM

In conclusion… I offer the evaluation moment of checking in with anything you've been positively pumping your energy into lately, whether it was over the course of last year or years or if it's been more recent… you can see it and physically feel it now at the mere thought … and in return you're receiving negative feedback...

Is it serving you in any way? Or as my yoga teachers say, is it life-enhancing?

You know what to do!

Follow your inner guides.

Trust your unique wisdom!

Surround yourself with life-enhancing people and moments and help to elevate the vibration of your world.

With love,