TASTY TUESDAY-- Zucchetti!

 IMG_6836 Green up yo' life! After a couple weeks of holiday mania, I am back at it. A brand new Tasty Tuesday bloggy blog comin' at ya!

My awesome momma decided to gift me one of those rad veggie noodle makers! Of course it does other stuff that I have not discovered yet (the pamphlet shows maybe peeling an apple or something??)

What I was most eager to create was a pasta alternative.  And boy did I do just that!

I've never been one to crave pasta, I'll eat it from time to time but even pre-race, carb loading nights I'd opt out for some other form of fuel.

But anything creative and different and HEALTHY I'm always up for trying and typically loving.

Today's 'Tasty Tuesday' is basic and possibly more encouraging than anything-- encouraging you to buy one of these little noodle makers!

SO obviously you start with a zucchini and the noodle maker. I'm a fan if you haven't figured that out yet.

Create your noodles!

Some wonderful facts on our friend Mr. Squash:

  • very very low calorie
  • high fiber
  • great for cellular health, clearing out free radicals and cell functions
  • high in potassium which helps lower blood pressure
  • moderate levels of vitamins and minerals including C, B, thiamin, zinc, iron and more!

Once you have a bowl of zucchini noodles,IMG_6837

heat a couple tablespoons of oil of your choice, I used olive oil, in a large fry pan.

Saute the noodles over medium heat until tender.

Douse with black pepper, salt, garlic powder, minced onions--

whatever your tastebuds desire!

IMG_6875 They are COMPLETELY amazing on their own-- I cut some fresh baby tomatoes and went al fresco. YUM.

For the second round of this experimental creation I had some Trader Joe's meatless meat crumbles.  I got them good and crispy and added Whole Foods Tomato Basil pasta sauce.  IMG_6874

My household is going on a low/no meat stretch, only fish. We try out soy meats from time to time but ultimately we decided we won't buy much of that stuff anymore for numerous reasons. Veggie power!!!

Nonetheless, this 'zucchetti' was more than great and if I were to add up the calories and fat I think I burnt more trying to figure out the noodle maker than was in the 'pasta'!

And a 'budget gourmet' kinda meal! Even with the meat ( and 'whole paycheck' pasta sauce) each serving was under $5.

I'm bad at remembering to take 'final' pics of the food but I will get better! I promise! And if I don't you can absolutely virtually scold me! ;)

Until next week, eat your veggies!