So pleased to meet you and I’m so happy you’re here.

What started as a small life in Missouri, has blossomed into an amazing, expansive life in sunny Florida.

Growing up, I was an only child with a strong passion for arts and music. I love performing, inspiring, and making people smile. My mom was a teacher and I thought this was a wonderful career path for me to pursue.  Little did I know, I’d teach but definitely not elementary school...

During college, I found work at a gym, but felt that incessant itch to join corporate America. Might sound familiar to you ;) Soon enough I found myself in a cubicle, but just as quickly as I entered, I ran out of there. Being at the gym, working my body, and exploring yoga, became my ultimate calling. Teaching and yoga/fitness became the perfect blend for me. I trusted my instincts. I trusted my passions. I trusted this calling. And with that, I dove into being an entrepreneur in the yoga, fitness, and coaching industry.  I helped to open a couple studios in mid-Missouri and then rode the urge to reach more people in a bigger city by moving.

I moved to St. Louis and grew as a yoga instructor and personal trainer. I felt so settled in this place of yoga and making it my full life and work. My teaching grew. My community grew. My sense of self grew.

But, just as I was feeling settled and rooted,

life brought about winds of change. I was lifted from my home in Missouri and brought to this brand new place, Sarasota, Florida.  Since landing in Florida, I’ve grown the virtual elements of my business to continue to share personalized yoga, fitness, and life coaching to people around the world.

Life has taken many ups and down, but I’ve always stayed true to what I love which also happens to be what I firmly believe is my dharma, or purpose -- yoga.  Connection. Exploration.

Does this story sound like you? Are there pieces of it that connect with your experience?

If you’ve ever felt frustrated about your life, frustrated about your body, or frustrated by your work, know that I’ve been there. I truly believe in the power of connection through experience, which is what I use to help people with their bodies and minds.

The messages are real: it's all about harmony and following your heart. I love movement. I love getting others into movement.  I also love stillness and helping others find their inner calm. I love sharing the wisdom and inspiration that I've been gifting with and bringing others to a heightened state of LIVING. I'm currently focusing on coaching people to get in their bodies and outta their heady stress. To see how when your body works, your life works.