Personal Training

As much as I feel the love for the full spectrum of a yoga practice, I am also a believer in the space for solid cardiovascular and strength training workouts off the yoga mat. 

There's a definite place for the free weights, machines, and other fitness 'toys'. I've worked with a wide range of clients over the past 7 years. 

And you know what's even cool-er?

You and I CAN work together, no matter where you are.  

If you're in my area, then yes, we can do a live, in person session. BUT not physically near me?

Well, let's hop on our computers and set up a complimentary session and see how our fancy technology can make amazing things come together (like you and me and an exercise regime for YOU!)

I'm currently certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). 

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Kind Words:

"Rebekka has been my trainer and coach for some time now.  She has magically managed to improve my flexibity and strength.  With her training and guidance, I have lost weight and gained muscle.  And because of Rebekka's unique approach of combining her knowledge of yoga with normal workouts, I have gained flexibity I never thought I could have at this point in my life."  -- Deb



I [desire yoga and movement in my life]! That’s why I am working with Rebekka! Seeing her twice a week has been such a gift! I love knowing when I will be working out and I can always count on her to hold me accountable. I’m feeling more energized and stronger after just three weeks. I think everyone should work with Rebekka!
— M.P.

"I am sure my story will sound like many others.  I had gotten into a rut and was not taking good care of myself.  It was easier to focus on my work and others than it was to focus on myself.  I had been divorced for about 6 years when my son decided to give me a special birthday gift.  He had saved some money and wanted to give me a membership to a gym along with several personal training visits.  His goal was to help me be healthy. 

I signed up at the gym and arranged for the personal training visits.  Little did I know that would be the beginning of a new phase in my life.  I had the great fortune to be paired with Rebekka Mars.   She had no idea what she was getting herself into…a very big project!!

As of this writing, I have lost 50 lbs and feel better than I have in many, many years.  Rebekka developed a plan for an out of shape 55+ woman.  She was more than a personal trainer, she was a life coach that provided support and motivation to keep me plugging away at my goals.  She taught me about proper nutrition, proper exercise and the importance of taking care of myself.  She provided training that gave me the confidence I didn’t know I had.  I have even started dating now.     

If you have a chance to work with Rebekka, I highly recommend it.  Her support and guidance will truly change your life!" -- Brenda 

liberation!        soaring freedom!   via mastering movement:   moving your body & moving your life. 

liberation!        soaring freedom!   via mastering movement:   moving your body & moving your life. 


Contact me for any answers you may need. 

All things are flexible -- location, rates, needs.

YOU are the priority.