Lit Living

Lit Living Group Program 2019


You’ve made it this far so let’s cut right to it.


You’re here.  There’s a piece of you that’s saying YES RE-LIGHT ME, PLEEEASE. I could not be more ‘lit’ myself in announcing this special, inaugural running of a program that feels super aligned in all that I have to offer — blending yoga, exercise, mindset, meditation, and more.

What IS Lit?

  • A 6 week group coaching program led by Rebekka Mars

  • Kicks off October 1, 2019 and runs through November 4th-ish

  • A secret and private Facebook Group

  • One 90 minute recorded call each week with Rebekka incorporating the weekly module {see below}

  • A guidebook for each week with exercises, practices, videos, meditations… varied with the module’s specifics

  • Special guests

  • . . .

What modules might you ask?

WEEK 1 - MODULE 1: WATT CHECK - get a pulse on your lit-ness & begin where you are now.

WEEK 2 - MODULE 2: MINDSET 101 - establish & maintain a high-performance mindset because YOU are a high-performing human.

WEEK 3 - MODULE 3: TEMPLE TUNE-UP - Your body is your temple. Your vehicle. Your permanent home. Exercise/nutrition/rest… time to level up!

WEEK 4 - MODULE 4: WHAT’S DONE IS DONE, RIGHT?! - more like not quite. It is, AND we move toward making amends with your past and path and in carving new definitions for what’s to come.


WEEK 6 - MODULE 6: LIVING LIT - Learn how to stay lit once you’re reignited. Carry your efforts forward, learning skills to help you roll with the tides of life.

There’s always more and what’s really rad about programs like this is that YOU bring the funk. The good funk. The human funk. The questions. The discoveries. Your gifts and stories. By blending a group of strangers, I find that it becomes obvious very quickly how similar we all are.


Programs like this are 1) amazingly accessible — being virtual let’s you tune in from wherever you are {with wifi or service of course}. 2) connecting — you’ll meet people around the country, maybe world, and I personally have met some of my very best friends through online programs simply due to the nature of being in the same program at the same time {it’s no joke that you’re reading this RIGHT NOW in your journey}. And 3) affordable — more affordable than one-on-one coaching but with the same amount, if not more, content and support.

How much?

A single investment of $597

AND because you’re an early birdie, and to honor the following of the gut/heart instinct of just doing it, there are a couple early perks available for the first 10 takers:

1 - use the code VIP (or VIP1) and receive $150 off - THANK YOU for diving in! You’ll also receive some pre-program extras to fill the void between now and October.


2 - regular co$t, with varied pay plans available AND receive TWO 45 minute calls with Rebekka, ideally pre and post program to give even more insight and coaching for JUST YOU.

PAY PLANS — $200/month for 3 months $120/monthly for 5 months — ask for other if needed

*and you can stack the early bird discount on the pay plan… say wha??

**note from my personal journey: I never want money to be what gets in the way of working with me. We will actually touch on money in the program because it’s ENERGY and depending on your focus, you just might make money during the program due to the nature of upping your own vibe

SO, is it for you?

Do you want it to be?  Are you bored and tired of humming along unfocused? Disconnected?  Feeling *dim* although you KNOW that there’s more and that it doesn’t need to be like this? I get it. Days go by. Let’s shake the mundane routines. Being LIT is about living again.  Period.  It’s realizing that life is full of wonder! And that your body, mind, and spirit and here to thrive! Not just survive {though that’s a part of it, too}. 

Let’s turn you back UP, re-igniting of your inner love and zest and quench for inspired living.

Through the years I’ve personally played with motivating & stimulating my own change and although it starts with that, I found that it was very hard to DO IT ALL. Instead, being in a held space {yes, virtual} is a huge boost to personal evolution.  Whether it’s the guidance, the ability to think less and focus even more on the components that will CHANGE you; or the connection to other humans, helping one to remember the simple, but often overridden thing called SUPPORT.

Why “LIT”?

The concept comes from this piece of ancient wisdom that we each hold a spark, an inner light, and although from time to time it may feel blown out, it’s NEVER fully gone.  Through rekindling practices, the teensy spark can and will be fanned back to vivacious flames. The conversations around high vibe and your vibe attracts your tribe are no joke — your body has an electrical charge, a vibrational frequency and just like anything with a charge, it can be recharged and amplify not only YOU but life around you and the things you wish to attract.